2003-07-29 - 2:36 p.m.

I'm so annoyed by diaryland today.

I made a really long ranty entry and poof, gone.

It was a good one. Destined to become a classic.

Anyway...I had to clean out one of my mailboxes today because it was nearly full.

Cleaning out my mailboxes is like cleaning my room. I find all of these notes and letters that meant so much to me that I had to save them.

Some of them I just look at and shake my head, 'what the hell did I save that for'?

Some of them bring a smile to my face.

Some of them make me want to cry for all of the optimism they reflect for the future that turned out very differently.

Most of the emails I deleted today were from Nick or the Wind.

The Nick ones made me sad for all the things we thought we could overcome.

The Wind ones just made me sad.

Bright flash of white electricity and then smoldering, burning flesh and ash...maybe the Wind is the wrong name, maybe Lightening would be better.

The wind leaves it's destruction, that's true, but the wind carves beauty slowly into stone. This person was quicker. I don't know that he left any beauty behind, but there was certainly brightness, and electricity, and I'd say we lit some folks on fire too. Too bad I ended up burned.

Bah, I've been done with that for awhile now, but the cleaning, the cleaning always shows the spots you missed, the sticky residue that needs super industrial sized buckets of bleach and hours of scrubbing to rid yourself of.

Good job I work where I do, lots of bleach roaming around here.

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