2003-05-19 - 11:31 a.m.

OH, and so that there can be no accusations that I'm hiding this other thing let me state here in front of God and everyone:

Wendi KICKED MY ASS at trivial pursuit last week.

I know I already told this to any of you that I spoke to but apparently Wendi thinks I'm the kind of person who only tells people when I win and not when I lose, which I have to say hurt me a little bit because I've always been one to say when I'm wrong or when I suck at something as much as I'm a person to say that I'm the queen of everything.

Didn't hurt as much as being told that everything I've said for the past however many months was just piles of donkey dung that someone had to slog through to save hurting my feelings, but you know, it still wasn't the happiest moment of my day.

(Just so those of you with short attention spans don't confuse the issues, Wendi was not the one who told me the donkey dung thing--I'd hate that to get confused because then her Scottish Mafia would come after me for writing mean things about her again)

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