2003-05-15 - 12:31 p.m.

New Plan Revisions:

The mandate handed down from the powers that be yesterday (ie: the lead role in my romantic life will be played by Gil Grissom, fictional character) will remain in place however a plan has been formed to move beyond the end date of said plan.

1. Get on tv show: Extreme Make Overs

- Have every thing on body lifted,

and tucked. Get entirely new body,

face and head.

2. Get on tv show: The Bachelor

- Win the affection of Bachelor fat

Bob, with whom we became

enamoured last season before he

was summarily dismissed by Trista.

3. Marry Bob

Um, I'm pretty sure there should probably be a plan beyond that but right now we don't have one.

The Bug is convinced I deserve my own sitcom so maybe Bob and I will work on that.

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