2003-05-15 - 1:57 p.m.


A few of you have mentioned that I never even mentioned going to the concert here.

This wasn't an oversight. I've been processing. Deciding.

I had an...odd experience (even for me) at the concert and so far have only shared it with Wendi (who was sitting next to me as it occurred).

I wasn't sure if I wanted to share it here.

I don't yet. Maybe, at some point but for now I like it being just mine.

So I'll give you the overall picture from the show which is this. Cher looked magnificent but obviously felt like crap. She did almost none of the dance steps, skipped many songs and did the lip synch thing for most of the show. When she stopped to talk to the audience or sing live her voice was terrible and she was obviously suffereing from the same flu/pneumonia/throatsarsdeathlike thingy virus that we all had.

Wendi and I had to fight for our beer, the line we got in closed (this was spectacular, the whole story has to be told in person because it requires re-enactment) this enormous mountain of middle aged professional victim behind the counter decides right before handing the person in front of me her change that she can no longer handle the insurmountable pressures of handing people beer for a living and had a full on nervous breakdown behind the counter. The manager, instead of saying, "I'll handle the rest of you in her line but please last person in line inform anyone who comes behind you that this line is closed" hands the woman in front of me her change and then just stands there staring off into space as I approach and give her my beer order. I order a few times and then she says that this station is closed. We beg to differ but we don't matter worth dog shit because let's face it, return business isn't this woman's biggest issue.

We move to another beer seller. We stand in another very long line. Half way to the desk we are informed that we have waited in a non beer line.

I just don't understand how hard it is to put up the little sign...beer line...no alcohol line.

It was alot of work for a beer, especially since I'm not that fond of beer. I had really wished I'd had the time to just drink before we'd arrived. I'll know better next time.

Yep, next time.

Cherilyn lied to us. She will return to the EXACT SAME VENUE in July.

I got tickets this morning. Floor seats this time, not as close as I'd have liked but it will do.

I will NOT wear the dress I wore last time. I will NOT wait in a single beer line and I will resist the temptation to buy the leather CHER skirt.

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