2004-12-02 - 4:31 a.m.

I had a dream about snakes last night. This is a strange thing for me to dream about because I've had no trigger, nothing at all to make me think about snakes, unless you count the fact that there was an incidental shot/mention of a snake on a tv show I watched last night.

I'm not afraid of snakes, I enjoy most snakes though there have been a few that I"ve met that I could have done without. I'd say I like way more snakes than I people.

Anyway in this dream I had this vague knowledge that I had a big aquarium type tank filled with snakes somewhere in my house and that I was taking care of it for one of the club's at the college while they were having work done in their room.

I was in my living room, my old living room pre-new sofa furniture shuffle, and my mother noticed two snakes each roughly 8 feet long on the floor. I saw them and was in kind of a panic because one of them had obviously been recently fed and was HUGE with food. Not little mice but big, grown, sewer rat size food bulging along his length.

My first thought was that he had eaten my cat, but the cat was just sitting, looking at him, non-plussed.

I asked my mother if she fed him, she said she wouldn't feed him.

I was kind of afraid to pick him up because they hate to be handled right after they'd eaten and I had a bad vibe from this snake. He eventually got away and I have no idea whatever became of him.

The other snake in the dream was the same length but unfed. I had serious warm and fuzzies about this snake. I felt about this snake the way I feel about my dog. I picked him up and held him and coo'd to him. I went looking for him later and found him sleeping happily under my sofa cushion where I was sitting.

When I told Don this morning about this dream he said he thinks it was really about him and his overly muscular (bulging) brother. He says he's the sweet little one that sleeps under me.

Uh huh.

I think he speaks with forked tongue.

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