2004-06-28 - 4:41 p.m.

Flowers are funny.

Well, no. The flowers are not funny in themselves. Most flowers aren't, some are.

Some people think those water squirting clown flowers are funny.

I don't think anything about clowns is funny. Clowns will eat me.

What I'm getting at is it's funny how I feel about getting flowers.

Getting flowers when you're sick, in the hospital, just lost a loved one, those are all fine. Those are sort of expected. Those are the kind of flowers that are more conspicuous in their absence than presence.

Some people give me flowers when I'm just feeling down. Those are nice. Unexpected and nice.

The best flowers are the for no reason flowers or flowers from someone special to signify that they remember something you think they may have forgotten. Not birthday flowers or anniversary of our wedding, but something more personal. J will send me flowers on days that were special to Ben and I because he says he knows Ben would want me to have them.

Those are good flowers. Those are reminders of two great loves.

Then there are the flowers that are get out of jail free flowers. I hate those flowers. The "I did something wrong and I know you're mad but you can't really keep screaming like a howler monkey if I hand you roses" flowers never work on me. You're likely to get those flowers shoved somewhere shady and moist.

Last week I got flowers from the Evil Doc. They could have been the last variety but curse my optimism I think his intent was genuine and so I excepted them gratefully.

Also last week the Trainee (whom by the way I have lost all interest in training) gave me some Deadly Nighshade that she picked right here at the cove. This is the perfect flower to give me. I loved it and added it to the bouquet the Evil Doc had provided.

Today Lucky Charm (student with vaguely lephrichan like face and a fantastic sense of humor and work ethic) was working outside and when I went to talk to him he found some flowers. He picked them for me to put in my office.

See, these are good flowers, happy flowers.

As I was writing this (the first time before Diaryland sucked it into it's lost entry vortex) The Trainee came in to bring me more, and now living , Deadly Nightshade.

I took a photo to share.

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