2005-04-22 - 12:52 p.m.

Friday April 22 Second Entry

For Beth who I believe missed ANTM this week:

Tyra visited the girls to talk about how she lost her nut at Tiffany at judging last week and everyone agreed that Tiffany was the only one not routing for herself.

Michelle (aka flesheatingfacegirl) is trying to stop beating herself up and thinks she's beautiful now.

The girls went to a hotel suite and Jan Carl from ET taught them to interview people and be interviewed. The girls interviewed each other and it was a disaster, but not a funny disaster like last week when they couldn't pronounce magenta.

Kristina said "Actually" so many times they put up a counter.

The girls went out to a dance club and Michelle went crazy dancing like a sex queen.

Kahleen called and checked her voice mail and found out that a girl she grew up with but hadn't talked to in a couple of years died. She tried to "put it in the back of my head" I'm guessing there's lots of space back there.

Not one of these MENSA candidates knew what the phrase "Crack of dawn" meant.

For their challenge they had to interview Eve, most of them sucked but Michelle Tatiana and Christina did good. Chritina won the challenge so her interview will be shown on ET.

Tatiana is crying because nobody likes her.

They did their photoshoot at a cemetary. Jay (can I tell you how much I love him) takes them to an 8 food grave and tells them that they'll be posing at the bottom. Each girl will be made up as one of the 7 Deadly Sins (genius idea!)

Kahleen has a tough time with it but doesn't drama queen out.

Brittany the drunk is sloth - Jay had to tell her what sloth means.

Michelle was pride- she had to talk about how glad she was to get pride because she's worked so hard to feel good about herself blah blah blah.

Tatiana was greed- I thought she looked amazing, everyone told her she looked too campy but with the makeup they stuck on her there was no way to NOT look camp.

Chritina was lust-not very

Naima was envy - I was envious as hell she was mostly naked and looked stunning

Keenyah was gluttony and it was gross as hell, she had to lay in a coffin of old food.

Kahleen was wrath and she did an amazing job at just getting the job done without crying or complaining and ended up taking a decent picture.

I missed when they showed everyone's best shot at judging because I was chasing the dog around trying to give him his insulin, but the end result was Michelle and Tatiana were the final two and Tyra said that both girls took good pictures but one represented herself just a little better than the other so Michelle stayed and Tatiana went home without a whole lot of tears.

There you have it. Now you can sleep at night.

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