2006-11-24 - 1:50 p.m.

I'll have another new entry in a little bit talking about newer stuff but this has been roaming around my head for a few days so let's start here.

Those of you who watch NCIS, can we all agree that McGee is on the fast track to hottie town?

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I mean, not cookie cutter Cary Grant/Brad Pitt hot, but that infinately more interesting attractive hot like Ron Livingston (I'll never forgive you Fox for moving StandOff...never!)
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and Anderson Cooper.
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Those guys that aren't so perfect that they're pretty but instead have some thing that draws you in.

I'm fighting the ugre to put Howie Mandel in this catagory too.
Oh go ahead and heave that heavy sigh. I know how predictable I am, but someone has to be or who else would pop culture rely on?
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I'm just saying that I think Howie has a mighty rocking ass hiding under all those jackets and long shirts.

Back to McGee- with him it's a ltitle bit the eyes and, for me, a whole bunch that kissable mouth. He also has a really cute chin, which is something I don't believe I've ever said about anyone before. If anything I'm usually annoyed by chins.

It's true! Annoyed by chins. Yet another great name for a band. Grissom's chin kills me, he'd be so pretty without that ass on his face.

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Er, what were we talking about?

Or, right. McGee.

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He's losing weight, more's the pity.It's almost giving him a slight hang dog look to his cheeks.

Still he's plenty fun to look at.

Uh Oh...I think someone's annoyed we're not talking about him.

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Don't worry Gibbs. You're still my favorite.

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