2006-06-06 - 12:50 p.m.

Today is SUCH a good day and it's only just begining!

I know it's supposed to be a bad day because of the whole triple 6 voodoo mess, but maybe it's because of that I'm having such a good day.

Good day thing number one, I got out of the house pretty much on time even though I stayed up later than usual watching NCIS AND had to do a bunch of junk (including watching some more NCIS this morning).

When I turned on my phone I had 2 text messages from Brock Samson (yes kids, a new person with a new alias that I haven't introduced you to yet, but be patient).

I texted Brock back (it's so tempting to refer to Brock by initials) as I was jumping out of the shower and then got on my way.

Driving down the road at the exact moment that I got yet another text from Brock I heard the detail cop I was passing yell into his phone "Okay Gibbs!"

I was torn between texting Brock back and calling E-Beth, oh you texans are killing me. Brock won. Sorry E-beth, you know how it is.

I got to work without having to beep my horn or call anyone any vulgar names.

When I got here I thought my lucky streak was coming to an end because the Evil Dr.'s truck was here and lately he's been plucking my last nerve, but then he brought donunts and was leaving very soon after my arrival. BONUS!

Now there is is a little bad news. Season One of NCIS is due out on dvd today. The cheapest place around to buy it is Walmart but when I called the Walmart that is on my way home from work I was told they don't have it yet (what is that about, how do you NOT have the new releases on tuesday?)

I don't actually need to get it today, I'm still watching Season 3 and won't start watching season one until I'm finished but if there was a blemish on this lovely day, that would be it.

The next great thing about today is that the aforementioned Brock S. is back from vacation. At some point I'll give you all a little background on Brock but for now suffice it to say Brock keeps me happy all day and he was away from a bit but he's back safely in Texas, amusing me and craving enchiladas.

Welcome home Brock!

Another cool thing I found out today is something I won't go into detail about but y'know when there's a group of people who act like they're too cool for school? Ever seen those people get the rug pulled out from under them?

yeah, that.

Also Wendiloo is gonna drop by tonight which I guess is a good thing. She seems wildly excited about it < / sarcasm > and since I sorta feel dizzy and sick it should be a really fun night. Okay, I lied, now < / sarcasm >.

Okay, we all know I never really < / sarcasm >.

I did some more of Richard's afghan over my long weekend and I don't have all that much more to go. I'm getting really excited about it and the potential of trading it for meatloaf!

Also I hit the bookstore for a few no brainer books last friday, stuff I can take to my mom's doctor appointments over the next few weeks (she's having one of her cataracs removed).

I had been looking for "Why I'm Like This" by Cynthia Kaplan forever and finally found it. It was a good quick read, funny, but not laugh out loud funny. I liked her more than David Sedaris, less than Calvin Trillin (seriously, go read Enough is Enough or the Tummy Trilogy right NOW).

I miss the 80's when I could just run out and buy a Cynthia Heimel book and laugh my ass off.

I also got Autobiography of a Fat Bride because while I don't always think Laurie Notaro is as funny as everyone makes her out to be I did get a few laughs of of the last book of hers that I read. I haven't started that one yet but I did start:

The Lust Lizzard of Melancholy Cove by Christopher Moore.

I have high hopes for this book, it's the first of his that I've read and I've read the descriptions of many of his other books. I'm in love with his concepts, I hope his writing holds up.

Oh, also I got news that one of my old students Ronda had her baby last week so welcome to the world Elizabeth, sorry your mom decided to live in Canada. We tried to talk her out of it.

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