2005-12-06 - 11:31 a.m.

I went out and bought a box of Christmas cards the other day.

I usually buy my cards very early so that I get ones that I truly love. Some years they're funny, some years they're pretty and support the causes I care about (exclusively animal causes, people should just get off my planet).

This year I got some that are okay, but not what I really wanted.

Anyway, I got the box home and realized I bought a box of 14 cards. I counted up the people I wanted to send cards to and they number over 40.

Now I'm off hunting to find more cards that I like. Wish me luck.

But before you start with the luck wishing do something else for me.

Everyone who reads this and isn't Crate (cause I have that one) or someone who's house I actually know how to get in my car and drive to (oh wait, or Charley and company) please send me your address.

You each brighten my day, even if you only comment once in a blue moon, even if you never comment but read fairly regularly. Whatever.

Email your address to me so I can stalk you and eat your brains send you a lovely Christmas card.

Uh, E-beth this means you too since you've moved and you may have sent me the new address but I've probably lost it by now.

You can either send it to the email address of mine that you know (if you know one) or just click on "Contact Me" under this entry and send it to that one which is "Burntsugrr@juno.com" I think.

Then comment and let me know you've sent it so I remember to check, cause I never use my juno account.

So, what are you waiting for? go!

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