2005-08-10 - 1:23 p.m.

I think the wind might be trying to tell you something le Bon.

His boat "retired" from the race because there just wasn't any point in finishing, they are much too far behind.

They never even made it to the rock, how sad.

I do feel bad for le Bon, don't get me wrong. I know he was looking for this big adventure, but honestly, you've been there done that and we all have the scars to prove it.

God bless the short wind. Motor on and come home.

As long as I'm here and rambling, let me tell you that I can never return to Felt (a local club where I went to an afterparty earlier this week).

The laughing and pointing might be too much. I lost many many many games of pool.

How distressing.

If it had been air hockeys I'd have whipped your sorry asses is all I have to say.

Oh, that and local news boy David Wade is a major hottie, but I'm breaking up with him because he said on the news last night that he feels sorry for the runaway bride because there were cameras on her while she was doing her lawn mowing duty.

SHUT UP WADE! If she was worried about publicity maybe she could have, I dunno, just throwing out random examples now, TOLD SOMEONE THAT SHE WAS LEAVING instead of starting a national MEDIA search for her.

I hope there is a camera nearby every time she squats to take a dump, every time she picks her nose at a stoplight, every time her skirt gets caught in her hose. I want film crews on this bitch 24/7. You want America's attention sweetheart? You got it.

All of that said, you should check out the new entry before this one, especially you Beth.

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