2004-12-01 - 3:03 p.m.

Go read this:


and by the way, if you aren't reading him every time he updates you are really missing out.

So anyway, it was raining monkeys today, though right now I'm watching the sun shine through raindrops on my windowpane, cool.

Imagine all of the dingleberries from Paul's entry about rain NOT standing and waiting for trains but operating motor vehicles.

That's right.

The drive in today (I say today, not this morning. I came in somewhere around 12:30...whatever, I have a life to lead. I warned him I might not come in at all, he should be happy I showed up at all.) was insane.

This is Massachusetts in December it's 50something degrees and simply raining. This is not the blizzard of 78. It's a little water falling from a warm sky.

What the hell are you all doing?

I feel the need, on days like today, or days when it snows, to make and announcement to the general public:

"Attention. If you were not born in the North East, If You were not born in Colorado, if You were not born in Canada, if you were not born in Alaska it is IMPERITIVE that you do not leave your home today under any circumstance. Do not attempt to get your mail or walk your dog. You are NOT EQUIPPED to handle this weather and will just fuckbudge it up for those of us with things to do.


There were only two kinds of driver out there, the kind that was going to go an inch every 3 hours just in case it might be slippery somewhere, or the kind that was sick of the moron in front of them going an inch every 3 hours and had snapped and was tearing at breakneck speed to get to the ammo shop and load up.

It wasn't so bad though.

There was a good sale at the ammo shop.

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