2003-09-22 - 3:48 p.m.

WLH and Me

WLH and I are very close friends.

I love WLH bunches. In some ways she keeps me sane. She'd probably disagree with that, and most likely doesn't even know it (well, she does now, but y'know).

So what then. What do I have to say about her here.

Well, I'm waiting to see what she says about the new colors here.

She changed to the sunrise color scheme about a week or so ago. It's nice, but orange and yellow are my most hated colors.

This is par for us.

I love Toby, she thinks Toby is the devil.

Sharon Osborne. She actually said the other day how much she enjoys the new Sharon Osborne show.

How can you like that? HOW I ASK YOU?

Day and night, black and white...but then, not always. Weird.

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