2003-08-26 - 11:20 a.m.

In case you are one of the people who's email address I had stored ONLY at ihateyahoo I just want you all to know that it appears that my burnts...@ihateyahoo address is no longer useful. It was the wind who owned ihateyahoo and I'm guessing that he just let his ownership run out as he's let everything else in his life run out.

If you've got the hotmail address use that one, if not I'm in the SSC execmail directory for the one or two of you that I think don't have the hotmail. I don't want to put the hotmail one up here, or any of the others really in case anyone is googling looking for me that I haven't told about this diary.

Other than that I'm avoiding writing in the diary right now cause there are health issues at home that are worrying me and they're a little too raw to deal with here.

Oh, but mark your calenders and see if you can work out where I WON'T be on October 3.

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