2003-07-21 - 3:25 p.m.


I was apparently not suppose to make an entry today.

I kept putting it off cause I wasn't really in the mood and then decided I would to celebrate the fact that Surf Boy is home from vacation a day early (and GOD did I miss him, and not just for the eye candy factor). So I sat down and started a fairly long entry extolling the virtues of Surf Boy and the evils of Boss Boy and as I was about 1/2 way through I got distracted by something shiny (actually I got distracted by actual work) and when I came back everything I had typed had just dis-a-peared.

Damn it.

Well now I've lost all my juice for complaining about Boss Boy but suffice it to say that he is a lazy moron and I'm sick to death of his complete lack of a work ethic and how it always ends up with tons of crap being dumped on me real last second like.

I'm gonna post this stupid thing before I start the next bit or risk losing it to some shiny work as well.

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