2003-07-14 - 3:12 p.m.

Cher was better this time around.

Uh, yeah, in case you were living under a rock, Dolly (the artist formally known as Wendi) and I went to see Cher again last weekend.

She was not sick this time, she was all kinds of fiesty and the show was great. What I saw of it.

So I got us floor seats because we had to be able to stand up and dance.

Apparently I forgot the fact that I'm about 2 feet tall and that when people stand up all I can see is butt crack.

S'all good though.

I shocked (?) Dolly by not really being in the mood for the cher show and being more in the mood for a dive bar and some rock and roll/punk music.

I waited in the beer line singing "Pull the tapeworm outta your ass" over and over and over. I must've been doing it really sexy though because I totally had some lesbian checking me out. What's more fun than that? Nothing that's what.

Okay, a bunch of things. But there was no Carson Daly around and basically I'll take what I can get in the whole staring at me department.

I did do a nice little bit of flirting at the mall before hand though that ended up in my scoring a xmas present for Stinky.

I wanted to get into a couple a fights at the show but there were no real takers. Depressing.

Didn't end up shooting on sunday which was a little bit of a bummer but we had a nice day all the same.

Stinky taped Bash for me so the weekend ended on a high note of me not sleeping, yet again so that I could watch the tape of Carson getting his ass handed to him.

Now here we are at monday. Scott has abandoned me and I'm left here with the drooling wonder.

I had to go scream at her today that her break was not 2 1/2 hours long and she should probably come do some work.

I'm gonna murdalize her.

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