2003-05-08 - 1:47 p.m.

Everything for a reason.

yesterday I talked to you about hearing something about Joe on the radio and how I'd be calling around to find out what was up.

I didn't tell you, though I left a weird entry about Charley and his phone, that I, by the end of the day was looking for trouble.

These two pieces of my life intersected. For days my cellphone has been telling me I have messages and then not letting me hear them. This happened awhile back too and no one ever mentioned that they had been trying to get me so I let it go.

Turns out that both of my Wahlberg Boys are home this week and had left me messages about getting together.

Looking for trouble. Finding Wahlberg boys. Hand in glove.

I'll be leaving early today, there's some trouble with my name on it.

Maybe I'll be more eloquent tomorrow, perhaps I'll have turned up a muse of my own...

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