2004-04-14 - 12:07 p.m.

We spend wed. through sunday with only the heat and no blower. The house is plenty warm and I think of all the energy we've wasted on the fan. We are still somewhat concerned however about the CO and so we sleep in shifts waking each other ever hour to be sure we aren't dead.

Monday late afternoon the MEN arrive. They remove a bunch of crap from the basement, they bring in the new crap, and they begin knocking things down.

It sounds like the house will colapse and I'm certain that my cat will have a heart attack.

The father once again brings his son who appears to be a good kid.

This time when they leave there is NO heat at all. We turn the oven on and wait out the night. This time there is no heat, but also no chance of co poisoning so we burrow under the covers and sleep.

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