2004-07-08 - 10:31 a.m.

Wendi asked an interesting question.

How many slaves do you need?

I gave her the quick and witty "All of them." that I'm certain she was expecting, but really, that's so untrue.

Slaves are exausting and in the end it is much more pleasurable to BE a slave (with the right trainer) than to be a trainer.

I think I need as many slaves as need me to train them.

I'd like to be able to say that I don't NEED any slaves but that's demonstrably untrue because without a need to train no one would do it.

Taking on a slave though is very different from the concept of the quote which brought up the question.

Once you become a trainer, everyone becomes a potential naked slave.

It suggests two things depending on your level of seriousness.

It can mean that once you become a trainer you begin to fantasize about having every attractive (or not, depending on what you're into) person you meet- naked and at your feet waiting to please you.

I don't really follow that line of thinking. It doesn't excite me in that way.

The other way of taking the quote is that once you become a trainer you find it easier to read people, to see them naked in the emotional sense and to evaluate their potential to learn from the experience of being a slave.

I absolutely do that. Every single person I meet, to some degree, I evaluate as a slave.

Not to see how they can serve me, but to find how I could liberate them and teach them to be the best they can be, because that in the end is a trainers job.

It's like a life coach, only with the possibility of a little bondage thrown in if things go that way.

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