2005-01-03 - 12:15 p.m.

I've been back at work for less than 2 hours and I've already pissed off my boss the KOI.

Here's an excerp from our phone conversation:

KOI: I plan on being out there wednsday.

Me: Just wednsday?

KOI: Maybe friday, I guess.

Me: It's just that, we said that the four of us would spend the week here getting all that stuff done.

KOI: EvilDoc won't be there wed.

Me: That's helpful.

KOI: What can I do, he's taking the biology group to the aquarium.

Me: So that's the day you chose to come here.

KOI: Well, tuesday and thursday my wife is home without the kids so I'm staying home so we can do stuff we don't get to do.

(He just had an entire week off. He's the chair of the department and the director of our lab, what the fuck makes him think he can just not come in so he can bang his wife?)

Me: It's just, I mean, I thought the whole point was for the four of us to sit down.

KOI: Well no one bothered to give me their schedule...

(by no one he means the evil doc. the KOI gives no one a schedule and Dobie and I, the other part of the foursome have the same schedule every damn day.)

Me: What do you mean no one bothered to give you a schedule? You know his schedule, you just told it to me.

KOI: I just got that email this morning and it was vague.

Me: I didn't get the email at all, the point is that you chose the only day you were pretty sure he couldn't be here.

KOI: Well if he had BOTHERED to give me his schedule.

Me: No one BOTHERED to give me a schedule either. You didn't BOTHER to give me your schedule.

KOI: I'm doing that now.

Me: And he did that this morning with that email.

KOI: He didn't bother to get it to me any sooner.

Me: You didn't BOTHER to give me yours any sooner either.

KOI: No one was here last week, how could I?

Me: Exactly, how could he?

KOI: (Grunting and clearly exasperated as always when confronted with logic)

Me: It's just the way you word it.

KOI: Well he hasn't bothered.

Me: It's just so childish.

KOI: Fine, forget it.

and he hung up.

This is the Ph.D that I work for kids.

This is the CHAIR of the Department.

You can't make this shit up.

The worst part was that I was kinda in a good mood despite the lack of sleep. I was rolling along getting work done and happy to be busy. NOt really planning on doing much in the diary until I got a chance to get a head start on some work, now though, motivation level is sub-basement level.

Mortuary level sounds about right.

Can I get another vacation over here? STAT!

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