2004-02-17 - 5:27 p.m.

Dobie is annoyed because everytime he's walked in here today I've been doing essentially jack shit.

This tickles me pink because just two short weeks ago I was going crazy with six billion projects and he was either playing on his surfing message board or standing in my doorway saying what a slow month this is.

There are some lessons this old dog has learned. I have learned to shut up and sit back when I don't give a crap about something...well sometimes.

Like this poster that we're working on for the professional meeting in conn. next week.

Normally I'd pull out my hair getting ready for this thing.

Last year I even went to this thing.

This year I've taken the same tact as the folks with the Ph.D. I've sat back and waited for someone else to do it. Someone else to put the damn thing together and then put my name on the top.

Dobie did it by default. He acted like he had forever to get it done and now he's running around a little and pulling his hair out a little and just a tad miffed and annoyed by the fact that he's the only one who's going out of his mind for something that will have all of our names on it.

Now, today, Dobie came in, sat down and talked to me about how at tomorrows useless meeting we have to get a commitment from the Ph.D's to actually spend some time on the projects they've signed us up for instead of just expecting us to do everything.

Gee, back when I used to say that he didn't agree. Back when I was the one pulling out the hair and freaking out that no one was helping I was just an emotional female.

Now we need to stand united and demand that they pull their weight.


I'm gonna do my damndest to just sit there and look bored while Dobie whines and moans about our needing help. I'm going to look cool and pulled together and under no stress or pressure so that HE get's to be the one who is irrational and He get's to be the pain in the ass.

Cause we're working on not giving a damn remember?

He just asked me to do some stuff for the poster. Uh, I'm busy...I have to go look up the names of the Living Dead Dolls or count the lint in my pockets or take up surfing.

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