2004-05-12 - 3:47 p.m.

Coupla things.

KOI tried to talk things out today.

Pat Benetar song for that pal. Little too little...little too late.

Shrug. I'm over it.

Smirky thing? Thing I hate myself for loving?

We got hat's at work today. Baseball caps. I was against it because I look like a world class doofus in a baseball cap.

I made Dobie do whatever it is boys and sporty girls do to brims of hats and then he had to put the band in the back together for me and then I put it on. My ears stick out, I can feel them and I made a comment to that affect.

Dobie looked at me, considered and replied:

"It's cute."

He meant it.

Then he asked if I was going to run to the bathroom to look in the mirror and I said no. I'd hate it, but if Dobie thinks it's cute then maybe it is.

So I'm sitting here wearing a baseball cap and apparently am cute.

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