2004-04-16 - 10:45 a.m.

Must save money for next tuesday when Sophie B Hawkins new cd comes out.

David, bless him, has finally done something worthwhile and sent me clips from the forthcoming album and it sounds excellent.

Funny, I've found alot of my old music in the past few weeks but I didn't find my Sophie B cassette, and I really wanted it because there's one song on it that always made me think of Matt.

Maybe I'll swing by the used cd store today while I'm out and see if I can't snag a copy for the cheap.

I'm having a big old running around day today which is good. It's bright and sunny out and I've got good music to keep me company. I'm doing work junk but I might find a minute to wash my car, buy a new cassette and possibly give J a call.

He's in Lord knows where in the south and going crazy, I know he's in TN the next few days, but where he is today I don't know.

I think it's next week, or the week after he's in Vegas...um, I think I really need to visit with him don't you?

Meanwhile Splink should be coming home from what I can only assume will have been a wildly exciting trip to NYC this week with a bunch of catholic school kids.

I just realized that doing that little thing is only funny to my fellow dorks who do html. And maybe not even them.

Oh well.

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