2005-09-21 - 12:37 p.m.

Well, with a lot of help from Crate and a bunch of hair pulling and freaking out from me we have the beginings of a new layout. I'm uneasy with the colors and the photo choices are pretty much place holders for now, but I have more options with this layout (as soon as I figure out how to use it) which probably doesn't look real different to you from the old one, but believe me, it is.

Work is rearing it's ugly ugly head today so I don't have as much time to play here with you as I had anticipated.

I did however want to tell you a little story.

Yesterday I spoke to the KOI who told me I had buckets of mail over at main campus and should probably arrange to get it soon. He said that my Amazon box came in.

Uh. Amazon box? What the hell did I order from Amazon I wondered aloud.

How should I know? He wondered back.


I spent all last night trying to figure out what I had ordered and when.

No idea.

I picked the mail up first thing this morning and tore into the Amazon box in traffic.

Weird. The box was from AMAZON and not an amazon dealer.

Inside was something wrapped i a green wrapper and an envelope.

On the green wrapper was a small card that read:

"Because I love you and your crazy ass diary."

It was a GIFT! A gifty gift just for me, a complete surprise! Not my birthday, not anything just a lovely gift out of the clear blue sky.

I tried to delicately open the wrap but the stupid people around me got upset as I drifted from lane to lane so I did the only thing I could do.

I tore into that sucker like an animal.

The beautfiul E-beth (you'd think I'd link after all of this but since she changed addresses I don't have it memorized and I'm in too much of a hurry to go and look the new one up, though I probably could have done it in less time than it took to explain all of this) sent me "Damn! Why didn't I write that?"

How insanely exciting. Not only did E-beth love me enough to send me a surprise, but it was a surprise that supported my dream of writing and actually getting paid for it.

E-beth I could not love you more at this moment if you were made out of chocolate!

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