2005-06-01 - 1:34 p.m.

Here we are again.

Last night I thought of something to say here but now it's gone.

It's probably for the best. I know it's for the best that I didn't come in and write when I first got here today because then it would have been a whole rant about my wearing cream colored pants to work today and ...then other stuff that Crate especially doesn't want to read about happened.


Then I went for a quick trip to the store.

It was supposed to be a quick trip. I brought Amanda. You remember Amanda. Amanda is the student that I told was too stupid to watch a movie with us last summer.

Amanda decides to do her months worth of grocery shopping because I have a card for this store and she doesn't so she can get all the sales.

Yeah, an hour and a half later we're back.

Sure for her it was an hour of time that she didn't have to work, but for me it was one less hour of checking out the new pics of Bo's tattoos online.

Since Beth (I know, I'm a link slacker, Sorry) has been talking about her new tatoos and I have no tattoos maybe I'll tell you about Bo's tattoos.

Maybe not. You don't care.

I should care a little less maybe.


Hey, you got any Chubby Hubby over there?

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