2004-12-02 - 12:48 a.m.

Couple of things, mostly unrelated.

America's Next Top Model.
If they don't get rid of Ann soon I'm going to commit hari kari. I agree that Norrell had to go, I mean, honest to pity. I don't even think she knew she was still there half the time.

I want to beat Ya Ya with an african motif ivy league diploma. She makes me sick. No Ya Ya you are NOT smarter than the other girls. You are better educated but if you were smarter than they are you wouldn't constantly have to remind us about it. AND while we're on it, HUMBLE people do not have to tell us that they are humble so that we'll forget that they've been told that they have to learn to be humble.


Amanda. I heard a rumor that she might be blind. Anyone else heard that? I mean, she's really subtle about it and doesn't use it at all...kinda like Catherine on CSI never talking about being a single mother and ex stripper.

This leaves us with my girl Eva who I've said from the very begining, show ONE that I was routing for. I wanted to kick Tyra's teeth into her big ugly forehead last night (and seriously, has no one spoken to Tyra about washing her hair?) when she baited Eva into saying what was wrong and then yelled at her to save the drama for her mama. Friggen Tyra.

I think she'll let Yaya win though because she's afraid of looking jealous of her.

Ah well, that was longer than I expected it to be, maybe we'll do another topic on another page.

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