2004-11-15 - 11:26 a.m.

I feel like I've been away forever.

I had last thursday off, gotta love working for the state, and took last friday off because I couldn't put any weight on my good foot. It was also snowing, and I don't really do the whole going to work in the snow thing, but even if it hadn't been snowing the foot thing was enough to keep me home.

When I called the KOI on friday morning to tell him I was staying home he reminded me that he has to do my review before tuesday.
It was almost subtle enough to not make me laugh, almost.

He's really trying to wind me up with this review, today he called to say that we may not be able to do it today because while he has it finished it had to go to his boss before I can have any say about it.

I wish I were the giggling sort.

He said it all ominous like. I sounded bored, not by design, but from actual boredom. His boss loves me. He loves me. He hates me half the time too, but that's just because I think faster than he does.

Here's how you know you have job security:
1. Your boss threatened to quit when you were fired for semantics (worked too long without being zombified into a union).

2. When your job was threatened because of budget cuts your boss insisted that the entire marine laboratory and program would be closed if you didn't keep your job.

3. Your boss consistantly gets angry at you for doing things his way instead of fighting with him when he's and idiot and doing it your own way.

Okay, so I don't show up on time EVER, and maybe I take a ton of time off (but not more time than I'm allowed, I still have at least a full week's vacation at my disposal) and yeah, I make the student's cry and question why they were born from time to time, but I have to have some fun in life.

Oh, and well, okay, I spend a good part of my day writing fan fiction and diary entries and looking for cute pictures of Ellen, but when it comes down to it, that's just because I'm organized.

The bottom line is though I get everything done, better than he could do it,and faster than he could do it. And the single most important thing is that without me he might have to face confrontation all by himself, and that won't happen.

Am I scared of this review? no. I expect it will be fine. Not overly gushy, but a sort of "She does a good job, we'll keep her." sort of thing. I expect alot of good's, a couple of excellents, and one or two needs improvements, just so he can show who's boss. (Probably the tardy thing I won't argue about).

I love that he tries to scare me with it, it keeps the fun in our relationship.

Oh, this has nothing at all to do with anything, but since I couldnt' get the comments thing to work over on Beth's diary (which I'd link if my stupid links would work but you can find in my profile under supermom) Congratulations on the new house!!!!!! I'm insanely happy for you! Look, it's made me go all exclai mation pointy too!!!!

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