2004-11-05 - 12:40 p.m.

I had a dream last night that my ceiling over my bed was dripping with water. In my dream I woke up, looked up and saw the water stains and the little drips gathering and plopping down on to my nifty halloween (it's staying on til New Years get over it) spread. I remember thinking, well this must mean upstairs is underwater. I got up, got dressed and went to work, without dealing with it.


Lots of strange stuff last night in fact. That was a dream but these actually happened.

I was sitting in my living room long about 10:20 and my cat was staring at the ceiling doing that thing cats do where they stare at the wall or the ceiling like there is something there but you can't see anything.

My dog then sat up out of a sound sleep and sat behind a chair he never goes behind. Just got up sent and sat there with his ears down flat.

I sat up and lifted my head to look up and caught a whiff of smoke. I smelled something burning. I searched the house but by the time I made it around the house once the smell had changed from burning to baking ham.

There was no baking ham, but I smelled it for well over an hour.

I went into the upstairs which is not really an attic so much as a full on upper level of rooms that we only use for storage. I dug out some winter stuff that I wanted and noticed that there was a metal ring on the floor. It came from no where, I can't even imagine how it got there.

When I returned to the living room there was another metal ring directly under where I found the one upstairs.

What the hell?

Eventually I go to bed.

I took the doors off of my closet years ago because they slide in an insane way that makes it impossible to see the middle of my closet. I replaced it with a shower curtain. It's a beautiful blue with a gold moon/star design. It's heavy. It's difficult to move, it does no flap when there is a fan on.

I got into bed and rolled onto my side facing the closet and as I did my closet curtain flew upward by roughly 3 to 4 feet and then just settled down still like it had never moved.

I flipped on the tv. I always watch MASH as I"m going to sleep on channel 25. Channel 25 was just static, as were all of my other UHF (anyone else old enough to remember that) channels. By accident I hit 77 on my clicker. I don't have cable by the way. channel 77 had this flicker like it was just one channel away from having something so I clicked down one. Channel 76 had mash on. I clicked up to 78 and found what I would normally find on 27 and so on right up the dial.

Strange goings on in the OOMM household.

Then when I was leaving for work this morning the dog stepped in poop but I'm pretty sure that had nothing to do with anything.

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