2004-08-24 - 12:02 p.m.

Sometimes, but not very often, I play around on my stats page. I check to see who's been by to read the diary, and if I see addresses there that I am unfamiliar with I will check to see what led them here.

Usually it's not that interesting.

Usually they're members of diaryland cruising the most recently updated diaries. Sometimes, depending on the entry they happen upon, they will read a few pages, sometimes they'll just look at that page and, I imagine, shake their heads and leave.

Every once in awhile I find that someone got here via a search engine.

Today is a double hit.

One person got here today by searching google for Gross Pointe Blank soundtrack something or other.

I'm certain they were disappointed by the entry they found.

Someone else got here by searching yahoo for "seducing the babysitter stories".

Try as I might I cannot find myself linked there and I went throught at least 100 links looking. There was lots of porn, but no me.

THis leads me to wonder. Did this person go through the more than 100 sites and still wasn't satisfied with all of the porn? Were they selecting for only blogs?

I never did find the exact link that brought them here, but I'm guessing they got put on the kiss list page where-in I was the babysitter seducing the father, and being seduced by one of the babysat.

Creepy life I lead.

Speaking of creepy...

Yesterday I was trolling the net (as you can well tell by the images on the pages before this) and came across a girl who has a tattoo of my exboyfriend somewhere on her body.

I suppose part of me knew they were out there. I've seen them of other members of the band, but for some reason it skeeved me in a major way.

This is not a cartoon character, this is an actual honest to God flesh and blood human being. He is falable (quite) and annoying. He is not some symbol or god to be worshiped...I'm just...

Well, no wonder he thinks he's some sort of icon...

Oh, wait...I suppose he is some some of icon...

Still creepy.

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