2003-10-23 - 3:36 p.m.

Everyones eating good things.

CDGHOST had a grilled cheese sandwich.

Wendiloo had tuna...

I had a smart ones ham and cheese pocket which I over cooked and now I'm eating popcorn but I'd really like a nice sandwich.

You know what else? Splink was supposed to send me something in email this morning only she didn't. She hasn't felt well so now I wonder if she didn't go to work today...hmmmmm.

Of course it's equally likely that she just didn't get it all typed cause she's not super fast tying chick like me.

These fingers are lightening baby.

You want to know what else too? Now that I know that people I don't know are reading my diary I feel compelled to do more than just ramble, I feel like I should be saying something interesting or clever, beyond the lunchtime updates and KOI report.

The more I think about that the less I have to say.

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