2003-09-17 - 3:27 p.m.

Class is tomorrow night.

I have made no cupcakes.

I was going to make them last night but then I remembered that I don't give a shit about making cupcakes.

So now I have to make them tonight.

And I was going to make 2 kinds, chocolate and strawberry because not everyone likes strawberry but I feel like having strawberry.

Then wendi told me one cake mix made 30 of the size cupcakes we have to make.

So if I made strawberry and chocolate, that's right kids, 60 cupcakes.

Now, okay, I don't really care if I have 60 cupcakes because people will eat the damn things, or I could freeze some until xmas I suppose but I don't want to frost 60 cupcakes.

If we had a bakery we'd be doing 60 cupcakes all the time.

Er...bookstores are nice. We should have a bookstore.

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