2003-09-10 - 2:44 p.m.


that's the diary that has a banner up as I'm writing this.

it completely derailed what i planned on talking about (and apparentnly my ability to hit the shift key).

I haven't read this diary but I'm willing to bet that this person is neither dark, nor deviant. That this person has read books about dark and deviant people but thinks Billy Idol is hard core.

Why bother really?

anyway...what I was going to say was that I made my cake last night, and practiced my stars for two days and I still have to torte and fill the stupid cake tonight, and I don't have enough frosting to frost or fill it so I'll need to make more, and while I thought I had clowns heads I do not in fact have clowns heads so I'll need to go buy clowns heads. I do however have lots of doll heads.

uh...can I just make the candy? You can decorate all the cakes. I'll eat the cakes you eat the candy.


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