2003-07-30 - 4:49 p.m.

Did I mention I'm angry at him?????

Oh, CRIPES yes I'm angry.

I was mostly angry before but now, yeah. WOW I'm angry.

Yas meant to do a good thing when she sent the pictures along, don't think for a second that she didn't.

Maybe she felt me backsliding to that dangerous place where I"m less angry with him, but boy did she fix that.

Here's what I have left to say to you Rhodes, you'd best not bring that thing to my state. Cause if you think you've seen me angry and vicious you ain't seen nothing yet.

Poison. Venomous poisonous pus infused anger welts raising in my brain.

I'd already decided that when you were here next it would be a year I could live without. I'd come to the show, hide in the back, maybe sneak off to give Charley a cuddle and John a peck and then scuttle away before we crossed paths, but I promise you, if you are stupid enough to bring that thing near me...wrath will rain down upon you the likes of which you haven't even read about.

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