2003-07-09 - 4:59 p.m.

Okay, now that we've got most of the duties of the day swept neatly under the tile (I have no rug...wet lab you know) we can get down to the serious screwing around of the day.

I have printed out no less than 7 pages of Carson Daly photos today. It's just transfering, we all know that but damn it's just easier. Now if any of you morons go running into Carson out and about and mention this to him I'm fine with it because I'm sure Carson wouldn't remember me at all and would have no idea who in the fuck I was, unless possibly he saw me with Jordan or Joe and then maybe he'd have a vague recollection. Or if I called him Carlson. Yeah, if you want to try to get him to remember me you can just say, "You know, Jordan's girlfriend that kept passing out and calling you Carlson." If he's gonna remember me I'm guessing it would be for that.

It's not about Carson though. I'm working really hard to make it about Carson because the deadline is fast approaching when I have to make the decision about what to do with Jordan.

(*Note- all comments regarding this dilema are welcome, including Nick's 12 page email giving me exact details as to what is fundamentally wrong with my personality and why, if I go ahead with this Jordan thing I should be committed to an institution immediately- no really, he wrote it all down. It was very enlightening.)

The only person not allowed to voice their opinion will be Jordan. Yes dear, I know that's unfair, just go to taco bell, it will ease the pain.

For those of you who don't know, Jordan is getting tubby, courtesy of taco bell. This is making me insanely happy but for some reason he is far more sedate about it. Can't imagine why. Now he's gonna be all mad that I said that here. If that's the least flattering thing I say about you here baby then you are a lucky lucky man.

Visted Wendy Loo Whoo Dolly this week up in the Berkshires and was nearly taken in shackles out of the very chi chi resort/spa in which she works. They were all kinds of worried that I, a lowly human, might somehow interact with the superstar clientel. I'm thinking that if I gave them a few suggestions maybe there'd be someone there worth keeping me from, but what do I know? I'm only pretending to sleep with Carlson.

Phlem report: Still phlem infested and coughing like a maniac but we have the added attraction now of open sores in our throat that must be canker sores from all the cough drops.

Kiss me baby.

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