2003-05-28 - 5:06 p.m.

It ended up not that badly.

I'm not going into everything because it's frankly annoying and boring to have to keep telling the story to the basic parties involved and I know I have at least one more telling before the day is over to BugBoy so let's just say this:

I am the queen of all things.

Member way back when I told you I look hot today? That was by design. There were things I had to do today that were making me damn unhappy and there were people that were going to need putting in their place today.

Plan of attack for the day. Treat all of the guys like they are evil. Be wounded, but also angry, not sniviling. Allow NO ONE to help except one. Scott was the chosen one today. I was curt and closed off to every single man who walked in the door today (and there were lots, we had a meeting) except Scott.

Like a charm.

Soares, whom I would crawl naked through broken glass for was tripping over himself to help me, told me next time he was here he'd bring me beer, I'm guessing I'll get flowers too. Offered to come help with some other stuff around the lab...oh yes, like a charm.

The beauty is that Scott, in feeling singled out feel special so I keep him close to me and the others then all feeling like they somehow caused my angst or will be hurt by my anger all kill themselves to appease me.

There's one guy I've seen a few times now, I wasn't aware he'd be here but...mmmm, good day to be the force to be reckoned with I tell you what.

I haven't done the attention grabbing, you must all serve me, thing in awhile, wasn't 100% certain I still could.

I still can.

And the best part is that every single one of them thinks it was their idea.

Make no mistake, one of them pissed me off today, one of them deserved this behaviour, this wasn't a whim, but if you're going to do it, you might as well do the whole room right?

Mark got edgy with me for all of 15 seconds (bossman Mark,not the good Mark) and I put the smackdown on him right quick and he fell in line with everyone else.

The evil Dr. Joe, who always falls first, he's a slave in need of a trainer if there ever was one, he stopped by the office hours later to tell me to try to have a good night and he'll be here tomorrow if I need anything.

I need you not to be here, can you do that for me?

Oh, and Jordan, you were absolutely right this morning, though I wasn't ready to let that go yet.

Jordan knows me so well it's scary.

He saw me before work, dressed as I was and said,

"You look hot, somebody's gonna have a very bad day."

No one knows better than you baby.

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