2003-05-14 - 1:59 p.m.

I've come to a decision.

I've decided that the only man allowed into my romantic life will be Gil Grissom.

This new mandate will be in effect until further notice.

And no. That does not mean Billy Petersen (yes, Splink, I know I said Billy in my last email but I've thought about it).

To be honest I don't think Billy and I would get along all that well in real life...I go back and forth on this. I think we'd get along like gangbusters for awhile and then hate each other...hey, that sounds super familiar. Okay, so maybe I'd get engaged to him a bunch of times, but I don't think we'd work in the end.

Grissom on the other hand is the perfect man for me in every way.

So until further notification Gil Grissom is my boyfriend. The end.

And now we wait.

For you non-CSI fans (and really, why do I even bother with you) someone will be killed on CSI this week.

I've expressed my feelings about Grissom.

We all know my track record.

And now we wait.

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