2004-04-27 - 11:28 a.m.

Erm yes. Well, you see, now would be the perfect time for me to write, and I had all sorts of things in my head that I wanted to regail you with but (regale? damn.) now I've got a bunch of junk in my brain and no clarity to write from.

I have some work work to do, and then I have to go and get a sympathy card and flowers for one of my students who's dad died. Later I'm going to go outside and hang window clings to the outside of my office window so that bird will stop slamming her head into it.

Then, when all that's done, if I don't get a bunch more to do, I'll do some stream of consciousness writing and see if I can't find what it is I've wanted to get out.

Don't get excited. It's not profound, but I would like to write something worth reading every once in awhile.

Talking to Wim yesterday definately inspired me to get my writing on.

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