2004-06-22 - 5:46 p.m.

I had calmed down.

I had managed to get it down to just the dizzy and nausea.

Now this.

When we began a certain work project I realized that alot of people would need to coordinate with each other and that if everyone didn't stay in the loop we would fall apart.

I set up a list serve for everyone involved and told everyone how to use it.

It was going along fine.

Then, today, one person, one EVIL person decided to send a personal one on one email to a member of the group.

This did exactly what personal one on one emails do, spun into a conversation about what would be best to do, and then made plans for just the two of them to do that.

When ANOTHER member of the team the KOI sent yet ANOTHER one on one email (though he swears it was a team email- but lucky me I have access to his account) to one of the first twosome he got an email letting him in on the NEW PLAN which actually fucks up everyone's week.

Then, the KOI has the absolute NERVE to call me ON MY CELL PHONE instead of on the work phone, sucking up my minutes and pissing me off. He asks me what the hell the Evil One is doing.

I, not having been involved in any of these one on one emails, am in the dark and unable to help him.

He has me read his email. I make the only comment I can, I have no idea what's going on because as usual I set something up and everyone has ignored it and kept everyone else out of the loop.

He tells me that's a secondary issue.


Well, it's primary when you're asking me what's going on and I don't know because everyone wants to break off into their little cliques.

Now he's pissy with me, because I wanted people to consult each other.

He called pissy because he hadn't been consulted.

Do you see why I'm insane?

And lucky lucky me, I got to pay for that phone call.

Don't think for a second that I didn't mention that to him.

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