2004-02-23 - 4:31 p.m.

Just back from the gym.

I had hoped to sort of just wander in and out unnoticed until I was back in the swing but Matt pounced on me today while I was riding the dreaded bike and asked me how long I was going to just screw around.

I was like, I was just um...getting my feet wet.

Long story short, very unlike me, I know, I have an appointment wed. with him. He wants to develop a program for me.

I hate that. I know what I need and I know how to achieve the results I want. I did it before with minimal input from him or anyone else (unless you count him folling me around telling me I needed more core work input).

It could go either way. Either I'll end up going to the gym more because I'll have to check in with him so it won't be such a nebulous thing,or I will hate the stuff he wants me to do and therefor put off going and then never want to go back because I'll be embarassed that I blew him off.

Dobie thinks I should skip the gym all together and just bring my exercize bike here so I can watch Ellie while I pedal.

Uh, thanks Dobie but what about the shower after, are you gonna hose me off? Cause then we might have a deal.

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