2004-04-15 - 12:01 p.m.

Leave it to the KOI to fuck up a perfectly wonderful day.

Let's go in reverse order, let's talk about why the KOI is a pain in my ever loving ass before we talk about why today was such a lovely day.

Then we can end on a happy note for a change.

We are going through alot of stuff here this summer. Work is going to be out of control with projects and money lines, field work, office work and annual reports. Do you know who is the only person here who will be required to be on top of every single one of these things?

You guessed it.

That's fine. They're even trying to get me more money (substantially more) to deal with all of it.


Here's the thing that pisses me off though. There are meetings popping up every two minutes about every one of these things. There are meetings to determine how specifically the field work will be done (I will be doing the fieldwork, fyi), there are meetings to determine how my benefits and union standings will be affected by my new duties and title change, there are meetings to discuss the interaction of the three centers that work together.

How many of these meetings will I be ALLOWED to attend?


You heard me.

It always comes back to the same thing. Respect.

The KOI knows how I feel. I made it very clear.

He also knows how well I tend to work when I feel disrespected.

Treat me like an idiot and I promise you, you will have an idiot working for you.

I will give you as much or as little as you ask me for. I can be the best thing that happened to this place or I can be the person who sits here playing bookworm all damn day and honestly I don't care which it is.

He knows this.

The problem is that I've allowed the KOI to see my alignment with the enemy (Evil Dr. Joe) and I've allowed the KOI to notice the power I've got (it's not alot, but I can get things done without him more efficiantly than he can without me).

I did the dumbest thing I could do, I let him see my hand.

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