2004-01-20 - 12:02 p.m.

Did you ever see The Young Ones?

If the answer to that question is no then I really don't understand what you're doing wasting time reading this when you have so much culture to catch up on.

Still here?

Good. Did you ever see the Young Ones Episode Titled: Sick. ?

There's a scene where Rick tapes a green plastic trashbag over Neil's head to catch all the snot.

See that picture at the top of this page?

Do you follow the thinking?

Actually, if you like the whole snot topic, or british humor or just plain sick stuff you should read the script from this show.


I miss the young ones.

I'm sure if it were to come on the air for the first time now I'd find it completely stupid and annoying, but at the time...at the time it was like the most cutting edge thing...The Young Ones=The Eighties.

Unless you were into hair bands. Then all bets are off.

But I'm straying from the topic which is that I'm ill.

It started as a scratchy throat. Then it became a festival of flem. Now it's like this hacking yet productive cough with minor headache, painfully achy eyes and the strangest addition is my face.

My face is red. It is burning up. The rest of me is cold and I'm told by everyone who enters that the office is actually too hot. Last night in bed I rubbed my nail polish bottle all over my face because it was cool. Today I keep wandering into the hall to press my face against the metal walls.

I'm also starving. My stomach is grumbling.

I say I'm hungry quite alot but usually that's fat girl hungry, my brain wants food, my mouth wants food but my body doesn't need food.

My body needs food.

I'm surrounded by food.

I have no energy to eat the food. Oh, wait, did I mention? My skin smells like spoiled milk. Good times.

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