2004-03-02 - 4:08 p.m.

I want to go on a road trip today.

I really do.

Here's what, if I could do anything with today, if I were in charge, here's what I'd have done with today.

I'd have woken up at 10, rolled over and kissed Don good morning.

Then I'd have gotten into my cute little convertable with the kick ass sound system. It would be perfect out. I mean, it's actually nice out today, but it would be just warm enough out that the top could be down and you'd know it was spring, you're a little chilly, but warm enough and the air smells so good it's worth it.

I'd have driven straight to Boob's (the Tweaker version) house and sat outside beeping and hollaring and waving dunkin donuts bags until she came and jumped in beside me.

We'd be off.

We'd drive, music blaring, laughing and flirting with people in passing cars.

We'd drive and drive and drive and we wouldn't stop driving until we had hit Scranton PA.

We'd collect Boobs (the original version)and the three of us would take off, to see what needed seeing and drink what needed drinking and splash in what needed splashing in and most of all, laugh our asses off.

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