2004-04-27 - 3:12 p.m.

When it rains it pours.

And why can't it ever pour when I have my raincoat on?

Matt, out of woodwork, into life.

Wim, out of woodwork, into life.

And now today.

Today I went to main campus to collect signatures on a sympathy card. While I was there I was walking down a hall I walked many times as a student, and I was thinking really, how little things change.

I watched as students wandered the halls looking much like students I graduated with. I thought to myself, hmmmm, same look as Hilda, or oh, he looks and walks just like that tall kid, what was his name????

And in this reverie I saw a man get off the elevator. He looked so much like Mark, I know, let's all get that big collective sigh out of the way, too many Marks.

The Mark of the missed kiss, the Mark who bought me that super important tea. Yeah. Him.

I thought, wow, what a hallucination.

He looked at me, huge smile spreading across his face.

Suddenly I'm being kissed (cheek...damn) and hugged and basically enveloped by him.

He tells me he was going to the fourth floor (I'm on the fifth) but something said, ah, go up to five, see what's going on. And so he did.

We went to Bio Society, devoid of students thankfully, plunked onto the couch and talked ourselves tired.

Such a good thing to see him.

but why now.

Why not all these people 18 months ago, give or take, when I looked good and wanted to see everyone. Why now when I look, arguably, worse than I ever have.

He had to look at my scar. My legs are hairy- who has the time?


Still, such a smile to see these people.

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