2004-12-21 - 12:11 p.m.

It's interesting lately the things that stress me out and make me tired.

I used to love to write, here or in general but now I feel like I need to be entertaining or profound all of the time and I feel like I kinda can't be at all.

I'm spent.

I used to enjoy painting my nails and now that feels like a chore.

I used to love to sit here at my computer and just screw around and see what there is to be seen, dig up stuff I'm interested in, or pictures of pretty people, but lately, meh.

I think it's my laptop's fault.

It's so easy to pop online anytime from virutally anywhere that the magic of sitting down and getting that rush of being able to do whatever I wanted is disapaiting. (wow I just know I spelled that wrong and I don't care.)

The flip side of this is that I don't mind doing the dishes, or getting a million little things done in a day. I don't mind cleaning or cooking or having work to do.

I don't even mind that I have a big stack of gifts still to be wrapped which I normally hate.

I think all my old fun stuff has lost it's shine.

Bad timing too. I need to finish this wretched story and my verve for such has left. My muse is sleeping it off, as it were.

I'm interested mostly in napping right now, but that could be because I've just slammed a bunch of sinus meds.


Or it could be that 4 hours sleep a night really just isn't enough.

Who would have guessed?

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