2004-02-17 - 1:56 p.m.

I know I have a ton of things I was meant to do today but I really can't remember them.

Not like, I know what they are and am avoiding them, I honestly can't remember what I was supposed to accomplish today.

On a personal level I know I had wanted to go to the gym but I'm not going to do that because I didn't bring the laundry today.

It's best if I do them at the same time, gym and laundry.

Also, the KOI will probably be here the better part of tomorrow and going to the gym will be a good excuse to distance myself a little after yet another useless meeting.

I'm thouroughly obsessed with bologna and at the same time way too lazy to go and get it.

Okay, I just called and the place that's close by doesn't have bologna, but suggested mortadella (????) whatever that is so I ordered it because I'm nothing if not culinarily adventurous. The name causes me pause though. Mort=Death. Deathadella? Do we have something against Della Reese? If I eat this sandwich and a peanut butter cup will I end up on an episode of that show I'm boycotting? Anyway.... I love this place because I barely have to go on a real road to get to it. In fact when I was in better shape I'd walk there and wonder why I ever drove that short distance.

I'll be driving today.

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