2004-02-05 - 1:39 p.m.

Written yesterday around 5:55pm

Diaryland is being a bitch right now.

I hate prewriting stuff to put there later but thatís what Iím doing now.

Hereís what I donít understand.

In general I enjoy message boards. I like being a part of them.

Thereís always drama at them, always. Thatís fine, without a little drama life is boring.

I belonged to one message board forever ago that was just a bunch of bitter hateful people trying to out cynic each other. I enjoyed that for a time. I felt really good there because Iím sarcastic and cynical and pissy and junk like that. The problem is that these people refused to connect to each other on any level other than hate. I donít mind getting together and sniping at people that I can have fun with but these people genuinely just wanted to hate. That gets tired.

I took my ball and bat and left after poking the biggest bear they had. It was planned. I had been prodding her subtly for some time and one day I woke up and said, today is the day. Iím gonna get under her skin like I never have before. Iím going to force her to blow and then Iím going to quietly disappear.

And I did. Exactly as I planned.

The confrontation was addictive. Iíll admit that.

I stayed away from boards for a short while and then found a supportive little group of goofballs that I enjoy. There was a snit there and I left when the ďmoderatorĒ whoís never at the board made a bad decision. I got lots of emails asking why I left, there was no grandstand walking away, I just stopped going back. I explained and got an email from the mod asking me to come back, explaining the misunderstanding.

I went back. Itís pretty quiet there these days but theyíre a good group of people, supportive and fun loving.

I then tried another message board. My first post was met with people asking me to teach them to express themselves as well as I express myself. I was happy and hung out. I jumped in on a discussion about race, I did it in the most innocent way, just suggesting that everyone should be strong and that strength should not come from belittling others. Seriously, this is all I said. Now I have a small faction of morons telling me Iím racist because I donít understand strong black women.


So Okay. I trotted over to the reality tv message board to have a little chat about survivor all-stars cause Iím all worked up about it and I know you people donít give a hoot. I had a few good posts, had some fun with some folks and then this one child starts defending someone against a joke a few of us made. I told her I was happy she was defending someone she supported but I was pretty sure he didnít care what we might have to say about him.

And I got reprimanded.

What the hell is with these people?

Is there a message board out there with a sense of humor about itself? With members who can be sarcastic and funny without being hate mongers? That can take a discussion for what is said and not what it might mean if it had been said to relatives they had a hundred years ago?

People are fíd up.

The end.

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