2004-12-18 - 9:31 a.m.

Grape Lucidity on Ice, the racier version
Chapter 14

Something twisted in Sara’s stomach. She had just managed the zipper when he’d made his demand.

He had never seen her so fragile. He reached out and caressed her cheek with his thumb. “I’m sorry. I just realized I have no…protection.”

She palmed him through his boxers, a slow smile started at her eyes and crept lazily to her mouth. “Is that all?”

“I don’t want to take any chances here.” He held her hand away from him.

“Seem to me we’re taking plenty of chances here.” She pulled her hand back and slid her fingers into the opening of his pale blue shorts.

“Sara. Even if you’re on the pill, or the patch, or whatever, I haven’t exactly been living like a monk, I believe I’m clean, I believe you’re clean, but I don’t want to…”

She gave him a small squeeze and pushed him down with a kiss. Straddling him now she slid to sit on his stomach. “You Gil Grissom have been a VERY good boy. Tell Sara Claus what you want for Christmas.”

“Honey, please…”

“Since you’ve been,” She touched her fingers just inside her panties, where his beard had left small scratches, “SO good, I think maybe I have a little something for you.”

She swung off of him in smooth motion and strode across the room, comfortable in her skin. Gris crawled over the bed, lying on his stomach, as much as he could, to watch her.

Sara picked up the bag he had carried from the skating rink and reached inside. She slipped something small from its depths and ran back to the bed. Bouncing onto the mattress in front of him she tossed Grissom a small net bag.

He looked at the gold foil coins inside with disbelief. “Babe, I know the studies say chocolate releases the same chemicals in the brain as sex, but this is one craving Godiva is not qualified to satisfy.”

Sara shrugged and sat Indian style across from him. “Never assume.” She pulled a coin from the bag and dragged it’s foil edge against her teeth, opening it half way.

“Well, what do you know? It’s a Christmas miracle.” Her face set in mock surprise as she turned the coin to show Grissom the bright red condom inside.

He moved to take it but she held it high, schoolgirl keep away. “Looks like I’ll have to find something else to give good ole saint Nicky.”

Permission for wild abandon as granted as it ever would be Grissom faked a lunge for the prize in her hand and when she stretched higher he dove capturing her stiff pink nipple into his hot mouth. Sara dropped the coin in surprise. He slipped one hand behind her back, strong, steadying her sitting position, her long legs unfurling before her. His other hand lay flat, palm down on her abdomen and began an agonizingly slow sweep to her other breast.

She bent, rubbed her cheek against his temple. He alternated, teeth, tongue, suction, cool blowing, and all the while tracing small hearts around the other nipple with his forefinger. She twisted her fingers in the sheets, her head thrown back now, wishing she could pull it together to please him but so lost in the feel of him, the vision of him, and maybe most importantly the strength of him. It had been some time since she’d thought of Grissom as strong, but it was evident here, in his hands, his back, his mouth and his resolve.

He teased between her breasts with his tongue, and then began tasting the outer curves of them, eventually raising himself, sitting half beside, half behind her. He kissed her shoulder, the nape of her neck and then breathed into her ear “You are exquisite.”

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