2004-05-26 - 12:32 p.m.

Okay, so I guess I could rant.

In fairness I haven't spoken to any of the people who spoke to the KOI and he hasn't spoken to everyone involved. It could be that they ranted and he's covering because he does that, but I got the vibe that wasn't the case.

Anyway onto happier subjects. I did get the tape yesterday, I owe wendiloo big time.

I watched the ep and a few things struck me. People who had told me about the episode actually had stuff wrong. I was told Grissom confronted Catherine about cashing her fathers check and also that he spoke to her about who would replace him if he took a vacation...ah, never happened.

I was told Brass and Sara had a conversation IN THIS EP about her cough drop use/drinking. Never happened.

The weird thing is the cough drop conversation did happen, in a different ep, but the person who told me about it has never seen CSI before the season finale.


Anyway, the ending was perfect, except for the fact that you know they won't do a fucking thing with it next year.

Also, what's with the whole twin thing and vacation discussion, I swear I didn't know any of this before I started my fic.

So, uh. yeah. But really I loved the episode.

Oh, one more thing that made me yell at the tv...Greg has to find and train his own replacement? In what universe?

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