2004-06-18 - 11:33 a.m.

I wasn't at work yesterday because I had a family type errand to do.

Last night I was considering calling out sick today because the thought of coming to work made me physically ill.

I did however get up almost on time and drive myself to work.

Pulling in the big black gated driveway that looks and feels like a prison I remember that I hate it here.

I get sick to my stomach and remember that the KOI my 4 year old boss is mad at me because I didn't bother to get mad at him.


I hate coming to work and not giving a shit about what happens or not.

I have temporary tattoos inside my wrists.

If you see them there ever you will know that I am hating my job. I put them there as a reminder to myself to not get twisted up about getting things done or taking direction too seriously because around here doing a job well is not looked on kindly.

So I have tattoos on the inside of each wrist to remind me not to care today.

Without the tatoos I'd be insane already. The morning has flown by.

Dobie has returned from Ethiopia with touching stories and a beautiful daughter.

I didn't think I'd be glad he was back. While I got tired of being the one babysitting full time, I almost enjoyed his absence, but now that he's back I'm glad. It makes it easier to be an observer instead of a player.

I'd play, but I like a team that's interested in fair play and winning.

What I got is a team that wants to do nothing and then go home early.

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