2004-06-08 - 3:57 p.m.

Yeah. So. Uh. lessee...oh.

I got an email this morning from this guy. If you want to research him you can go here:



http://oomm.diaryland.com/031119_57.html number 5 under this one gives you the other reference points for him as well.

Anyway. Mark. Yeah, another one.

Boobs will remember him as my tail, or my shadow or however we were refering to him when he visited that day and we talked about how he wanted to raise his kids one in a room with nothing.

Yeah. Him.

I get an email from him today that says this:

Hey! Guess what..... I have been liberated!! Yea (cheers and such)

Yes, you heard it first here, I'm getting a divorce! Alina really never

wants kids (wish she knew that 5 years ago) so we called it quits. It's

amiable, we hang out still until she moves to San Fran, I get the house and

most things in it and then we go our own way! This news is about a month or

so old, just haven't spread it around. I close on the house (yes there are

people dumb enough to lend me that much!) on Friday and then we file our

separation agreement. I get to be me again!!Soooo.......

When do we have a beer to celebrate?

Call me,

I'm sooo very, very lonely (sniff, sniff, teardrop, sob...)

So I email him back and tell him about my situation which a few of you know but most of you don't and won't get from reading here. San Fran though, can you f'ing stand it?

So I write back that it's kismet. Explain my situation and tell him beers. Soon.

I type, maybe 16 words and get back a really long email in reply. I will only add in the intersting bits here:

"Now I've got to find a fuck buddy for the Summer who won't get all gushy and

fall in love with my sorry, lily-white ass."


"I got to meet my Pop this evening for dinner and to de-bug his 'puter, but

how about a beer when you get out of work tomorrow? I'll still be on sick

days (insert twisted, evil laugh hear) so I'll be all rested!

lemme know,

Mark aka freeman in Salem feeling unfettered and alive with nobody calling

me up for favors and no-ones future to decide.

Sponsored by Summer of Mark Enterprises LTD."


That's all I'm saying.

Although, for the record I cannot meet him tomorrow because I will be on the cape all day tomorrow learning to tell the sex of green crabs.

That's right. You all know you wish you were me.

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